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- Jillian

I've known Rick for a few years now. He's always been such an amazingly positive person. I was beyond elated to see he had returned to the Logan location. I immediately signed up for his Xit class. I like to think of myself as a pretty fit person, I do Crossfit and lifting. Let me tell you, his Xit class absolutely took me to another level. He pushed and motivated me so much that I felt a whole new feeling of strength... mentally, spiritually and physically! I'm so glad Rick is back and am so excited to work(out) with and learn from him again. Thank you so much Rick!! You're one of the best!!

- Dave

Just before I met Rick I was just asked to become a xit coach. I thought I was doing good when I first started. I would have 5-7 members coming to my classes. Then when rick should up he helped me to become and better coach by being more involved with clients and members. He was able to get me out of my comfort zone and bring more energy to my classes. For that I've not only became a better xit coach but a better trainer as well. Ive been a trainer for about a year and half now and I've already became a master trainer and a tier 2 xit coach. My classes are averaging between 12-15 members. I really appreciate everything he's taught me and I'm glad that he's back here to help me push even further beyond these limitations.

- Kari

I've been taking group class for many years. I would come and go here and there since there wasn't really anything special about any of the class instructors. Until I attended an insanity class with Rick. I was hooked within 10 min of the class. With a room full of people, he has a way to make you feel like you're the only one in the room. Rick is very motivating and really gets you focused at the beginning, then pushes you to your max but yet at the end, his meditations and talks brings you back down to focus on why you're there. He really cares about the people he teaches. He even takes time after class to check in and see how you are, if you have questions or anything. The fact that he does it all with you pushing himself too is so inspiring. Rick is by far the best instructor I've ever encountered to this day. I do enjoy some of the instructors he's coached as well. Thanks for being you! Don't ever change.

- Erica

I had been struggling with my weight for years when I finally decided it was time to hit the gym. I began my weight loss journey at Xsport and became especially fond of Zumba. After shedding quite a bit of weight, I began to realize that I needed more than just cardio in my life. As I struggled to get comfortable with lifting weights on my own, I had been told there was this AWESOME new instructor teaching a crazy new Insanity class. I jumped at the opportunity and it wasn't long before I was taking classes with Rick 3-4 times a week! This guy was not just an amazing instructor, he cared about his students. He motivated and pushed me to keep fighting and challenged me to work harder. I felt better and stronger and it was evident in the changes my body went through! I'm still giving it my all and I receive compliments from strangers all the time about my form!! Rick helped me get to the next level that I knew I could reach!!

- Drina

When I first joined XSport I had recently moved from Cleveland, Ohio, I was searching for a gym home and Rick helped me solidify my choice when I took my first XIT Class. I was greeted with the greatest amount of positivity and encouragement even though I struggled through the class. The conversations that we have after class keeps me on track and lets me know where I need to improve whether it be with my workouts or my diet. Anytime I see Rick I am greeted with the biggest smile and it brightens my day every time even when I'm dragging myself into the gym. Sometimes when I feel like giving up on a workout I can hear his voice in the back of my head cheering me on. Thanks for being such a Great Person!

- Kate

I met Rick at XSport Portage Park when he was teaching Insanity. His positive energy and attention to detail spoke to me and brought me back every single week. As a professional dancer, I have high standards for instructors and for someone to keep me coming back even when I didn't think I could get through a workout was groundbreaking. He inspired me each week and has continued to do so as I find my own fitness instructor path. Thanks Rick!

- Andria

I hadn't been to the gym in months with the conflicting schedule I have at home and was really discouraged and down. I am not one to attend the classes or go to the gym by myself. I prefer having a workout partner. Rick was very motivating and listened to a bit of my nagging about life. Somehow he made it more comfortable for me and I got back into the workout routine without a partner for a while because I was comfortable going to his classes. He makes you feel like you belong at the gym and is also very personable. Thank you Rick!

- Cythina

Rick has really been a positive asset in my life. He introduced me to a boxing class and he really pushed my limits. He was so encouraging and motivating that he kept me going. What I love about Rick is that he made a difficult sport fun, and enjoyable yet hard and very challenging. Never did imagined myself wearing boxing gloves and there I was. Thank you Rick! Thank you for listening, pushing me, and most of all motivating me.

- Yasmeen

Rick was subbing a group X class once 2.5 years ago. After the class I asked him about becoming a group X trainer. It was something that I had wanted to do for 7 years. He immediately encouraged me to fill out an application there and then. He then scheduled an audition for 2 weeks after I applied. I was so nervous, as I had never taught. I honestly think I would not have followed through if he had not encouraged me to apply right then and there. Something about his confidence in me and how warm and genuine he was made me want it even more. I auditioned a class of about 20 members. I actually fell off the stage at one point. Afterwards he assured me that I did great and that I would continue to get better and better as time went on. Had it not been for him and his trust in my abilities (that I couldn't even see at the time) I would have put my aspirations on the back burner for another 7 years! Today, I love to train and it's a huge part of my life now! Thanks Rick!

- Annie

Three years ago, My best friend and I was approaching the end of our membership deal with Xsport. We had no intention of renewing since we tried just about every class with several different instructors and we were never impressed. It wasn't until we stumbled upon an insanity class that Rick was teaching that physically and mentally changed our lives. There are no words to explain how amazing his workouts were. Even though he was tough and stern and made us feel like we were in military boot camp, We made SURE we attended every class front and center. Rick was the only reason we decided to renew with Xsport and for a good solid year we followed him weekly sometimes 2-3xs at different gym locations. It didn't matter how far we had to drive because we were dedicated and it was thanks to Rick that we were physically in the best shape of our lives. Until this very day, my best friend and I still talk about him and how proud we were of ourselves. Rick was able to push and motivate us to reach our goals. We will never forget how after doing an hour of intense insanity, we stayed to do another hour of an X-it session both conducted by Rick. Thanks for the energy you always brought to class Rick and since you stopped teaching, we have yet to find another you.

- Tony

Rick has been a great asset to the X-IT program here at Logan Square. He has a great sense of structure, organization & customer service that we've never had before from an X-IT supervisor. One of the best things he has done was to implement "X-IT Challenges" where we would keep track of individuals' performances on the windows of our studio with the intention of motivating our X-IT members to work harder so they could see their name on the leaderboards. Additionally, Rick posts very positive & motivational quotes on the mirrors in our space to motivate not only the clients, but the coaches as well.

- Dina

When I first met Rick, he was the XIT supervisor at a gym I was a member at. I had taken XIT for over a year at that point and I remember feeling so refreshed after taking one of Rick's classes. He brought a new sense of organization and peacefulness to the hectic world of XIT. I loved the program so much I ended up becoming an XIT coach this past year. When I had a major schedule change due to my full time job, I no longer was able to fit training and XIT into my schedule you at my other gym. Rick graciously took me under his wing and found classes that would work perfectly for my schedule. As my supervisor, his flexibility and willingness to work with my schedule is something I will always appreciate. I've learned so much about attitude, organization, and workout styles from Rick. He truly is the type of person that wants to help others become the best version of themselves. Thank you, Rick!

- Adriana

Thanks Rick for your guidance and for the motivational videos and for doing this, thanks to Lidia for inviting me to this group and thanks to everyone in the group who's posting and sharing and keeping everyone else motivated. My journey for the last 30 days was great, got stronger for sure, got back my motivation to work out and to do it every day and it feels great. I lost almost 5 lb but unfortunately got some back while on vacation but now is a new month and I'm committed to eat healthier and drinking more water. Happy 4th everyone!!!

- Cristina,

 For me it was very helpful to get back to working out after the baby as I don't have time to go to the gym. There were days when I didn't feel like working out but seeing everybody's posts gave me the strength!! I cannot wait for the next 30 days!!


Rick, I have so much to share and so much to be grateful for and you are on that list! I have learned so much about myself in these 30 days, my ability to push myself to limits I had no idea I could. My self confidence, self esteem my energy level has gone from zero to 100!! I have not lost much weight but feel stronger and my endurance level is higher than before i started. I also had quit smoking when i started this transformation and to not have gained after that alone is truly amazing. The book Excuses Begone! Has taught me so much and even though the book is done, it's def a book I will continue to read again and reference back to it forever. I can't say I disliked anything about these 30 days I can't wait for the next 30 days! Rick thank you so much for doing this program and Lidia thank you for thinking of me when you asked me to join. You all are blessings in my life.